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You will fail to write a crisis communications plan for one of these reasons

Excuse #1: Your first excuse may be that it is too expensive, that you can't justify the cost or that you can't get the funds in the budget. The fact is that crisis communications plans save lives and keep people from being injured. One injury or one lawsuit will easily cost you more in damages than writing your crisis communications plan.

Excuse #2: You are in denial and you are willing to take your chances rather than doing what is right. Denial and arrogance are two of the great failing points of so-called "leaders." FYI -- after I wrote the crisis communications plan for the Internal Revenue Service following the events of Sept. 11th, the City of New Orleans asked for a proposal for a crisis communications plan. Mayor Ray Nagin said the plan was too expensive and that his staff didn't have time to work on a crisis communications plan because they had other priorities. I give you exhibit #1 -- Hurricane Katrina. I give you exhibit #2 -- Ray Nagin.

Excuse #3: You don't have time. The reality is the Crisis Communications Plan + Plus system has condensed 6 months of work into 2 days. It puts an end to lengthy delays, extended collaboration and “gets it done.” 

If you entered the field of education because you love children, then consider giving them the gift that may save their lives. A  well written crisis communications plan has the ability to save lives.

If You Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

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