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School Crisis Plan


With Crisis Communications Expert Gerard Braud
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Crisis Communications Plans

Crisis communications plans at schools and universities are often non-existent or grossly inadequate, according to research by crisis communications expert Gerard Braud.

Now is the perfect time to develop a Swine Flu Crisis Communications Plan, as well as a plan that addresses school shootings and a host of other likely, worse case scenario and bizarre crises that can occur at schools.

This site specifically addresses crisis communications that takes place with the media, parents, students and other key audiences during a crisis. It should not be confused with text messaging systems or generic terms such as “school crisis plans,” that may be interpreted to cover issues ranging from NIMS compliance, to emergency operations, incident command and even psychological assessments of troubled students.

This is a written crisis communications plan that should be created for each school system to work in conjunction with all of the above, and at times it will be used when none of the above are needed.

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) has developed a crisis communications plan capable of saving lives because it provides for life saving, rapid communications that exceeds the design of all plans currently available. Furthermore, in educational environments where decision making is slow and budgets are tight, Braud’s Crisis Communications Plan + Plus system allows you to complete 6 months to 1 year’s worth of work in just 2 days. And while similar plans could cost you $50,000 or more, Braud’s system can be delivered for a fraction of the cost.

The Crisis Communications Plan + Plus system is so thorough that it thoughtfully and chronologically anticipates every communications decision you will need to make. It is so simple that it can be executed by anyone who can read, even if they have no experience in public relations or crisis communications.  The secret is the plan’s ability to provide life saving communications in the critical first hour of a crisis.

In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, it is a sad footnote that for 2 years prior to the crisis, Braud began giving away copies of crisis communications plans identical to the VT plan, warning that such plans would fail in a crisis. He further warned that schools with such plans have a false sense of security and that the flawed plans are a disaster waiting to happen.

Schedule a 2-day program exclusively for your school system, partner with nearby school systems to share the costs, or register for one of Gerard’s upcoming regional workshops. For more details, call Gerard Braud at 985-624-9976 or contact him via e-mail at

To participate in Braud’s 2-day program to create your own, customized crisis communications workshops , simply click this link.



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